• iOS 8 and the Photo Stream Nightmare

      Simplicity. One word that Apple can't use when describing the horrific experiences with the new Photos app in iOS 8. Every tech blog on the internet has written articles on the new iOS and described the features in depth.

  • Blackmagic Firmware Update Coming Soon (UPDATED)

    With the release of not one, but two new cameras at NAB 2014, current Blackmagic Camera owners have been going nuts over unreleased firmware updates for the full camera lineup. While many officials of Blackmagic Design are present at their booth, Kristian Lam was able to give some info on a future firmware release that's promised "within a month's time from today." The update includes: New debayering for shooting directly to ProRes or DNxHD on the Blackmagic Cinema Camera Improved MFT lens suppo...

  • 2014 Blackmagic Design: A Letter from Grant Petty

    Now that NAB 2014 is underway, so are many of the announcements from companies introducing new camera products. For Blackmagic Design, Grant Petty sent out letters to current customers introducing two new cameras, detailing DaVinci Resolve 11, and much more. If you didn't get the email, here it is: Hi, It’s NAB 2014 time and we have some very exciting new products this year and I wanted to update you on all the details!

  • Conforming to 24p in Final Cut Pro X 10.1

    In the Final Cut Pro X community, the new 10.1 update was the best Christmas present Apple could give us. The new Mac Pro is really an early Easter present (insert laugh). Among the many changes in 10.1 to the interface and file management there was a subtitle change that may throw some at first.

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  • Restoring Your iPhone 4s and Others

    I just had a rather frustrating experience with my iPhone restoring from a previous backup. Sometimes instructions are lost in translation when describing a user action—and that's what happened to me. When you plug your iPhone into your computer, there's 2 buttons that stand out.