Conforming to 24p in Final Cut Pro X 10.1

In the Final Cut Pro X community, the new 10.1 update was the best Christmas present Apple could give us. The new Mac Pro is really an early Easter present (insert laugh).

Among the many changes in 10.1 to the interface and file management there was a subtitle change that may throw some at first.

In 2011, I made a quick tutorial showing people how to conform 60p footage to 24p, something that previously required Cinema Tools—which was no longer a product. To convert your high speed footage and get a slow-mo effect, you had to have a 24p storyline (23.98), edit in a 60p clip (or 120p, etc), and with the clip selected you could choose "Conform" from the retime menu drop down. This essentially spread those 60 frames across 24fps.

In the 10.1 update, Apple has removed any reference to the word conform in the application. But, the function still exists, only called a different name. It's now called Automatic Speed. They've still listed it as conform in the help documentation.

I don't know that Automatic Speed helps anyone understand it's function more than Conform, but that's what they want to call it from now on. Automatic Speed just "conforms" the clip's frame rate to whatever project frame rate you've selected. If you have a 24p clip in a 24p timeline and choose Automatic Speed, the clip shows 100%. If you have a 60p clip in a 24p timeline and choose conform, the clip changes to 40%.

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