Getting Past the Whining

It's cracking me up how many people are praising Apple or ripping them to shreds. I've lost respect for so many people in the editing world that I once held in high regard. Whether they are really pros or not, there are many forum and blog leaders that are using this whole release as a marketing scheme. CreativeCow can't decide if they are going to give tips or express their personal feelings of betrayal and mock those who find Final Cut Pro X very useful. But they don't want to admit that this app is very feature rich for professionals now. It just doesn't work with their current, sausage manufacturing video edits. I wish Rich Harrington and Walt Biscardi would change their diapers and get back to helping people.

That said, I'm working on some tips for Final Cut Pro X and will be posting them soon.


Dan Rubottom has posted an excellent recap of new audio improvements in Final Cut Pro X over version 7. Checkout his post called What Apple Did Get Right in Final Cut Pro X. Dan is definitely a pro and one of the most talented people in the industry, producing broadcast productions anywhere from Joel Osteen to Rascal Flats. Checkout some of his work on vimeo.

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