OS X Lion Fixes and Tips


This was supposed to be a feature right? Someone didn't tell Adobe how to hide their 500 apps from showing up. But how can you hide them without deleting them or using Terminal? Download and install Launchpad Control and command Launchpad from your System Preferences.

DVD's Don't Work!

Googling "OS X Lion Boot DVD" will show you how to create a backup and installer of 10.7. This is very useful if you want to do a clean install, or you don't want to download Lion for each computer. After testing though, the DVD doesn't work as an installer. For whatever reason, the DVD won't finish copying to the new drive. Go find an 8GB thumb drive and format that for your Lion installer.

Lion Recovery Disk Assistant

During the install, Lion creates a separate partition that's used as a recovery drive. You can boot from it and repair or reinstall Lion onto your main drive. Since this recovery partition is on the same drive as your OS, this doesn't solve a complete drive failure. Apple has made a separate Lion Recovery Disk Assistant available that you can install on a smaller thumb drive (1GB of free space). So what's the catch? You have to make this Lion Recovery from a system with Lion already installed (and that recovery hd already built into the OS drive). Since this drive only needs 1Gb of space, I wonder how much is used from the thumb drive and how much needs to be downloaded during install. The method above, actually making a Lion installer doesn't need internet access to install.

Repair Permissions

If you have done a clean install, or just an upgrade, Lion will run better if you repair permissions. Open Disk Utility and select the drive the OS is running from (Macintosh HD) in the list to the left. Now, select "Repair Disk Permissions." If you get a long list, repair again. It helps to do this after updates or Adobe software patches.

App Exposé

We all got used to that "show app windows" trick in the other cats, but Lion seems to be limited to Mission Control. Or is it? Open up your System Preferences and find More Gestures under Trackpad. Make sure App Expose is checked. While this won't show you "all windows" like before, you can still see "all app windows." I guess they felt Mission Control was cleaner than 500 windows spread out on your screen.

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