Retina Photoshop Arrives

When the 15" Retina Macbook Pro's were introduced this summer, Adobe showed off a retina version of Photoshop on stage. After months of waiting and a promised "soon" for delivery, Photoshop 13.1.0 finally arrives with support for HiPPi screens—but only for the Mac. Sorry, Windows fans!

Adobe's Create Now begins in 11 hours, but it seems someone has jumped the gun and released 13.1.0 a few hours early? They have been trying to keep some of the new features under wraps and have since fixed the goof. Twitter is now buzzing with people attempting to download the update without success. If you missed out on the update, it should be live again in a few hours.

The bigger surprise to me were the "special" updates for Creative Cloud members. It looks like retina support will be universal, but many features are only presented for subscribers. My update was labeled as a "Creative Cloud update."

The specifics of this update:

This Adobe® Photoshop® and Photoshop Extended 13.1 update installs new features for Adobe Creative Cloud members and Photoshop subscribers. It offers exciting new capabilities for design, photography and more, including the freedom to nondestructively edit with Blur Gallery and Liquify using new Smart Object support, the ability to export text and shapes as CSS, the option to create Conditional Actions, and support for new HiDPI displays that enable a dramatic improvement in image fidelity and resolution. Other new workflow timesavers are also included. Customers with Photoshop Extended will also receive new 3D options including improved live previews that simplify the creation of shadows and reflections in 3D artwork and a 32-bit color picker for better illumination control, and more.

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