Updates for FCPX Coming Soon

The briefing in London is over and it's quickly getting around now that Apple is updating Final Cut Pro X very soon and it looks like most of the needs for high-end edit houses will be met.

Between Sam Johnson's tweets and Peter Wiggin's post on fcp.co and a few other sources, I can put some other details together. Here's what I got out of everything:

  • XML in/out is coming third-party (but part of FCPX)
  • EDL is coming from Apple
  • AJA is taking care of tape layback and capture
  • AJA and Blackmagic are both taking care of broadcast monitoring
  • Codec support coming from third parties (RED)
  • Multicam is coming and will be a free updated (leaked)
  • XSAN is a part of Lion and will likely add support once 10.7 is released.
  • Specific updates are coming with Lion

The timeframe for most of these updates is weeks, not months.

Let's see what next Tuesday brings.


It looks like Apple is taking their sweet time with a few of their promised updates. Reading over the list again, it may only be an audio track export option, or at least a way to label tracks as various "tags" for export. Who knows if it will actually allow for the export within FCPX.

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